"The Comedians"

Audiences have the opportunity to return to times when groups of artists presented their performances on the streets and city squares. The "Comedians" performance is a direct reference to the forms of shows that took place years ago. It tells the story of a group of street artists who, for a long time, had no opportunity to showcase their skills, traveling from place to place in a wagon they live in. One day, quite unexpectedly, an audience appears, and the performance begins. A performance where the stage reality mixes with their personal relationships, creating surprising situations. During the show, old passions and past loves are revived before the viewers' eyes. Does the performance have to end? And what really is the true reality of the artists being watched? The "Comedians" performance incorporates scenes from Marcel Carné's legendary 1945 film "Children of Paradise." Thus, viewers can see a type of pantomime that is very rarely, if ever, seen around the world. 

In "Comedians," we aim to evoke the spirit of ancient street artists, jugglers, actors who dedicated their entire lives to performances presented to a random viewer, whose passion and expressive action captivated with its authenticity, and their skills and ideas did not allow one to pass by indifferently. We invite you to a dynamic, comedic performance not devoid of reflection and nostalgia for a world that no longer exists… - says the director of the performance, Bartłomiej Ostapczuk

Script, directing, movement, costiums - Bartłomiej Ostapczuk Music: Collage Featuring: Ewelina Grzechnik, Paulina Staniaszek, Paulina Szczęsna, Wojciech Rotowski, Bartłomiej Ostapczuk. Production - Foundation of the Warsaw Mime Center The performance was created in 2010 thanks to a grant from the Wola District of the City of Warsaw.