"Beautiful Nothing"

An outdoor spectacle prepared for the 20th anniversary of the theater in 2022. A room where the protagonist of the story is stuck in a time loop. Nothing in this space is what it initially appears. Windows, doors, walls, and objects have their own ideas about the characters we observe. But what is this place? What is memory, what is reality, and what is yet to come? Where are we, as viewers, headed in this subtle, movement-based comedy without words? And do the main character's problems seem eerily familiar to us? The play is set in the poetics of a dream, filled with humor, body poetry, and a significant amount of absurdity.

Script, direction: Bartłomiej Ostapczuk Music: Przemysław Wojsław Set design: Dawid Wojtecki Costumes: Hultaj Polski Masks: Paulina Staniaszek Featuring: Bartłomiej Ostapczuk, Olga Gąsowska (with the participation of Zuzanna Ziółek and Jan Dusza) Production: Warsaw Mime Center Foundation Financial support for the 20th anniversary project of the Mimo Mime Theatre - Warsaw city. Photo: Marcin Wiśnios