"House of My Dreams"

An unobvious story about seemingly everyday matters. We observe a couple, once full of beautiful mutual feelings, now increasingly indifferent to life. However, something happens that changes this state. This marks the beginning of a new stage in their story. It will be a journey through memories, a slow discovery of themselves, a mosaic of life arranged in a simple and funny way. A gallery of surprising characters in a story aimed at every viewer.

Script, direction: Bartłomiej Ostapczuk. Set design: Sławomir Szondelmajer. Props, set design enhancement: Aleksandra Batko. Mask design: Michał Lach. Performers: Paulina Staniaszek/Aleksandra Batko, Renata Birska / Maja Rękawek, Gabriela Całun, Maciej Jan Kraśniewski. Production: Warsaw Mime Center Foundation / Mimo Theatre The play was realized thanks to a grant from the Wola District of Warsaw City.

For the first time in our theater's history, we have combined mime with mask theater. In this work, we find a language that goes beyond words. A language that provides entertainment but also excites. We mainly rely on mime and gesture theater, where masks will serve as a link to the world, poetry, and image. Expressive, precise, full of life - they open the doors of imagination and transport us to a world where everything is possible.